Denmark in three weeks

Our time in Denmark has been spent traveling through the 3 main islands where we drove through spectacular country side with huge farms, where the building are built in a “U” or “L” shapes. Most of the towns we visited had interesting half-timber houses painted in rich colors. The older the houses, the more crooked the walls and roofs. The churches were simple in design and the frescos more childlike. The exception was the Cathedral of Roskilde where elaborate tombs and sarcophaguses of former royalty could be seen throughout the church. With an abundant number of castles present throughout the country, we visited the most famous ones, Frederiksburg Slot being the most impressive & spectacular of them all.

 Surrounded by water, thousands of kilometers of coastline, the country has many beaches and we visited numerous ones, but were unable to enter the sea due to the cold weather, even in June. The country is also rich in Viking history and we saw remnants of old settlements and Viking sea vessels throughout the country. The white chalk cliffs of Mons Klint were striking & quite impressive.

The most famous Danish ever, the children storyteller, Hans Christian Anderson, has a beer named after him as well as streets and shops. He is represented throughout the country in various ways. Copenhagen, the capital, was not as impressive as we expected, but having enjoyed so many rural sites throughout the country, Denmark has much to recommend it.

Click here for 250 photos of the Denmark trip.


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