A loop through Sweden in 3 weeks

Entering Sweden from Denmark by ferry, we spent 3 weeks traveling the western, southern and eastern coast of the country. We enjoyed several beach days by the sea and along lakeshores in the center of country. Every town in Sweden has a castle or a fort, thus we had to choose carefully which to visit the interior and which to enjoy only the outer facade. We have visited numerous churches, towns and long country roads dotted with the typical red painted houses present all over Sweden. We visited the impressive Göta Canal (382 miles, 614 km) which connects the west coast of Sweden to the Baltic Sea on the east coast by linking a number of lakes and rivers together through the use of locks. We were truly impressed by Stockholm, a beautiful city located on several islands all joined by numerous bridges. In Gothenburg we stayed with a dear friend and it was great to be in a normal house with all the modern comforts. Our last stops were the beautifully barren rocky archipelago on the Swedish west coast with quaint fishing villages.

Look at our 250 pictures!!!

Look at the following YouTube videos by clicking on the text:
Walking at Kullaberg Nature Reserve
The view at Löderup Campsite
On the beach of lake Vättern


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