Europe Trip – Driving through France and Spain

Driving through France north to south leaving Belgium took us 3.5 days. Not too bad given the fact that we had to get to know the camper and the way it drove. We also wanted to have regular stops for Kyra and Kyle, so they could be active during the day and tired in the evening and not bored to death while driving the whole day. The weather in France was still nice, with colder nights but warm days.

After seeing the different French landscapes, we passed the border in San Sebastian to the Spanish Basque region. There we spent some time in the higher hills, and visited the nice and beautiful towns of Oñati and Covarrubias. Nicely preserved and renovated places, but you could see the Euro- and banking crisis had its effect as there was a lot on unemployed young people, businesses closed, and more indicative empty bars and restaurants. We went to see our friends Encarna and Eduardo (we met them traveling with the Land Rover in Malawi) in León, where we checked out the batteries of the camper as well as some of the electronics. Some nice Spanish food and plenty of laughs topped it all off! After this short break we headed for the Portuguese border, traveling through some nice hilly but undeveloped Spanish part of Castilla.

This first week of travel was about getting used to living in the camper, with the two kids at the age they are at right now, and about covering some distance to get to the South. Just have a look at the photos we took here.

Now we are already a week in Northern Portugal, with some amazing castles and great churches with azulejos. We love the Portuguese style which is reminiscent of the Brazilian one we both fell in love with in South America.


2 Responses to “Europe Trip – Driving through France and Spain”

  1. 1 Pedro Vierstraete
    November 15, 2013 at 08:51

    Hi Shadee and Dimi, nice to hear you like Portugal, it’s one of my favorite short trips. Not only the preserved nature, medieval cities, the food (and booze) but especially the people are really amazing. Keep safe and enjoy !! Pedro & Annick

    • 2 shadimi
      January 13, 2014 at 23:57

      Yo manneke, eindelijk op de comments section geraakt. Hopelijk alles goed in België en bij ISFF, wij zitten ondertussen op Ilha de Faro, nog steeds van Portugal te genieten. Nog een weekske of zo en dan zuidelijk Spanje binnen…

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