Northwestern France during Easter holiday

During Easter holiday we took the camper to the Northwestern part of France, called Brittany. After almost two days of driving avoiding main tollways (in France campers pay three times the price of a normal car which makes it unaffordable), we arrived on the brand new parking lot / campersite at Mont-Saint-Michel. It is difficult not to be impressed with your first sightings of the massive Gothic abbey on the island, the ramparts and the extraordinary tides in the bay (difference between high and low tide of 15 meters). We spent the entire afternoon and evening exploring the medieval town and Mont.

The next day we followed the coastline studded with lighthouses and viewpoints on the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, towards the walled city of Saint-Malo. Walking on the ramparts with views on the rocky outcrops filled with fortresses and fortifications, was fun for the kids as well as us.

We then continued westward towards Cap Frehel, where an enormous lighthouse guides the boats away from the traitorous and dangerous coasts. On a cool municipal campsite 200 meter from a beautiful beach, we spent the next two days exploring the area, building stone and sand castles and walking along the coast.

Our next stop was the area of Ploumanac’h and Cap Squewel, the so called Pink Granite Coast. We followed the Sentier des Douaniers, a spectacular 5 km coastal walk through a wilderness of massive pink granite boulders and outcrops.

We then went straight south to the Southern part of Brittany, where we went to the Gulf of Morbihan, an inner sea. We started by spending some time on the Peninsula near Quiberon, where the Atlantic Coast is dubbed the Wild Coast. Spending time going out on the beaches when the tide was low, was fun and the kids collected a bunch of shells. We then made our way to the area of Carnac, where the world’s highest concentration of megalithic sites can be found. Walking through the ‘Alignements’ or lines of megaliths was something special and unique.

After spending another day on a beach looking at people collecting clams, mussels and oysters was enough for this trip and we made our way back to Belgium after visiting this unique part of France. See some pictures here.


1 Response to “Northwestern France during Easter holiday”

  1. April 24, 2016 at 18:52

    Need to visit Brittany before the kids are too old to feel the awe of Carnac

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