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Shadae & Dimitri met in August 2001 in San Francisco, where Dimitri embarked on a 3 week cross country camping tour. His tour guide was Shadae, whose first impression of him was that of a trouble maker with his bad boy look of long blond hair, slick sideburns, tattoo, muscular body, and a wicked smile. Within a few days of getting to know each other better, the two became great friends and remained so throughout the next two years where Dimitri visited Shadae twice more while vacationing in USA.

In June 2003, while vacationing in the USA, Dimitri once again visited Shadae on his way to Alaska and the friends visited Yosemite National Park in northern California. After a long day of hiking, the friends relaxed by the campsite by emptying a bottle of Vodka & Rum. With their judgments impaired, a romantic spark which had remained concealed for two years finally blossomed.



The need to spend more time together coincided with Shadae embarking on another long trip to Asia, thus the new couple arranged to rendezvous in Nepal where they travelled together for two months in October and November of 2003. The trip proved to reinforce and strengthen their relationship and their compatibility even triumphed during the harshest moments. Shadae continued her travels in Asia and Dimitri joined her in February 2004 for a 2 month trip to Malaysia & Borneo.

With their love passing the most demanding of tests – traveling – Shadae moved to Belgium from April to July 2004 and submerged herself into Dimitri’s life, family & friends, Belgian cuisine, customs and the Flemish language.

Iguazu Falls


In August 2004, Dimitri took a eighteen month sabbatical from work and the couple embarked on another world trip. Their journey began by a 3 week trip to Iran, followed by a 6 month trip to South America and a 7 months trip to southern Africa.

San Diego

US Wedding

On January 7, 2005, while still on their world tour, Dimitri popped the question at one of the most enchanting places on Earth, Iguazu Falls in Argentina. Upon the conclusion of their trip in December 2005, the couple got legally married in Belgium on 25 February 2006. A grand traditional Persian wedding ceremony followed on May 28, 2006 in San Diego, USA followed by a Belgian wedding in Brussels on July 4, 2006.

The couple rented a house in Leuven, Belgium and while Shadae attended Dutch classes in 2006 & 2007, they took every chance possible to visit many European destinations as well as Morocco, Egypt & the USA. In 2008 Shadae started working full time in Brussels and due to a lack of holiday, their globetrotting become quite limited for that year.

Durban Gardens

South Africa

The good news was received in November 2008 when Shadae found out that she was pregnant with their first child. Although working and pregnant, the couple managed to squeeze in trips to the UK, Spain, Holland, Germany and South Africa.

Their daughter Kyra was born on July 30, 2009 by cesarean in Leuven, Belgium. Following in the footsteps of her globetrotter parents, Kyra got her first stamp in her passport at 3 months old when the family visited Lanzarote in The Canary Islands followed by a trip to California the subsequent month.

In 2010 along with some local European trips, the family went to Iran to visit Shadae’s father. It was a magical trip and Kyra got introduced to yet another part of her internationally based family. Upon returning to Belgium, Shadae and Dimitri gave up their rented house in Leuven, placed all their belongings in storage, bought a caravan and embarked on a 5 month trip to Scandinavia when Kyra was 10 months old. They travelled through Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, all the way to the northern tip of Europe to Nordkaap. Looping back southward bound, they visited northern Finland, and then back to Sweden, Denmark, Germany and finally Belgium. While away on their trip, Kyra grew from a teething baby to a walking toddler.

Upon returning to Belgium, they stayed with Dimitri’s parents for 2 months until their potential new home became available for rental.  While Dimitri went back to work, Shadae and Kyra took advantage of the opportunity to visit Shadae’s family in the UK.

In 2011 the traveling continued in Europe since Shadae & Dimitri agreed to use the caravan at least once a month to visit local nearby attractions. Their long weekend getaways included trips to Holland for the flower parade & the Noord Beveland region.  In Germany they visited friends in Duisburg and the spectacular Eifel National Park. The Northern France region of Opal coast was a treat since Dimitri’s parents joined them for their first trip together with their son and his family. Their longer trips included a trip to Iran to visit Shadae’s father due to his ill health. Finally a trip to the US east coast to visit family, attend Shadae’s uncle’s wedding and visit dear old friends.

Between the Iran and US trip shadae became pregnant and their son Kylewas born on January 13, 2012 in Leuven, Belgium.  He was born a month too early due to stress caused by the unexpected death of Shadae’s father 4 days previous to Kyle’s birth.  Kyle spent 4 days in an incubator where he received supplemental oxygen and a total of 10 days in neonatology. A week after he came home, Kyra started prekindergarten at 2.5 years old.

In 2012 with two young children, the traveling did not stop. Kyle had his first caravan experience at 3 months old when the family revisited the spring flower parade in Holland followed by Northern Holland the subsequent month. The next big trip was a trip to France and Spain in the Summer of 2012.

In 2013, the caravan was sold and a camper was bought right as the rent was up and all the belongings were put in storage once again. While Shadae was visiting friends and family in California for 4 weeks, Dimitri stayed behind to prepare the camper and get everything figured out for the next trip: a 10 month tour visiting countries around the Mediterranean.




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