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Burgh Haamstede in early spring

During Easter Holidays we decided to go on our first little camper trip of the year together with our friends Wendy and Stef and their three kids. We drove to Zeeland, we in our camper and they with their caravan and spent a great weekend together discovering this great part of Zeeland with fantastic dunes, a beautiful coastal nature reserve, a cool lighthouse, but most of all quality time with the kids on the campsite. Even the Easter Bunny passed on the morning of Easter and left plenty of eggs.

Check out the pictures of our weekend in beautiful Zeeland and Burgh Haamstede.


Last Trip of the Year with the Camper

In late afternoon we arrived in Kinderdijk, known for the highest concentration of windmills in Holland. The canal and reflection of windmills was mesmerizing with the setting sun and rising mist over the water.

After spending the night in the harbor a few miles away, we drove further north to Zuid-Kennemerland National Park, and made a nice hike around the lake and in the forests and dunes.

After a nice lunch, we drove on to Bloemendaal aan Zee, where we spent a good deal of the afternoon on the beach.

Later in the afternoon we drove in sudden thick fog to Marken, an island in the ZuiderZee only connected to the mainland through a narrow 3-kilometer-long causeway. The traditional wooden houses, often built on wooden stilts, and traditional clothing worn by locals make it a beautiful place worth a visit. We spent two days exploring the canals, beaches, harbor and little streets.

On our way back home, we visited Monnickendam, on the mainland of the Zuiderzee, and then slowly drove back to Belgium in the rain.

A nice last trip of the season with a lot of nice pleasant surprises. See the rest of the photos.



testing the new camper

During the last ten week of the summer holidays, we decided we absolutely needed to test the camper we bought just before we flew to the US. So after fixing a few things, we got it back from the garage and started loading it.

First we headed to the Eastern part of Flanders, where we visited one of the ‘most beautiful villages’ of Flanders, Oud-Rekem. Boarding a canal (where we spent the night on a quiet free spot), this tiny village is nice to stroll around.

We then headed to Pietersheim near Lanaken, where the Southern entrance gate to the Hoge Kempen National Park can be found. After spending time in the little animal farm and cool playground, we did the 2 mile ‘kabouter’ or gnome walk – following a path of wooden gnomes. Stops were a medieval water castle, a modern castle and plenty of berries. The kids had a blast!

Crossing the language border to the French speaking part of Belgium to see the Dam of the Gileppe, we spent a night parked on top of the dam with free electric hookup. The views over the water and the surrounding hills, as well as the oldest dam of Belgium with the huge stone lion, were relaxing and made us realize there is plenty to see close by.

The next day we traveled further through densely wooded areas as well as marshlands to the highest point of Belgium, the Signal de Botrange ( a full 694 m altitude). After spending time in a cute playground as well as a walk through the marshes or Hautes Fagnes in the afternoon sun, we spent the night right at the monument of the highest point.

Finally we made our way to Belgium’s biggest waterfall, Coo, where tourists are plentiful as well as amusement parks and outdoor activities.

After a brief stop in Bierbeek (Kyra had an evening to explore her new class and get to know the teacher), we drove north to Holland to spend 4 days with our international group of friends (aka the Suntrek group) in the Zeeland region, more specifically Walcheren. We had found a nice enough campsite with all facilities and three spots next to each other. The dunes, the ocean, plenty of Belgian beer, a daily BBQ and of course the great company of good friends made the weekend awesome. The warm weather and absence of wind during the day gave us the opportunity to hike through the dunes and to take bike rides with views on the ocean and the world famous Deltawerken. The nightly thunderstorms on the other hand caused flooded campsites and made it difficult for our tenting friends to fall asleep. Look at some pictures from this trip.



Trip to Paris for Work

A few days in July, right before the National Holiday, Dimitri needed to go to Paris for work. While being there, short strolls and walks gave a view on some of Paris’ best sights. What a nice capital, always bustling with energy. Some shots can be seen here.


Another Suntrek weekend

Following the positive experience in 2012, the decision was made quickly to organize another Suntrek weekend in the same campsite near the Hoge Veluwe in Holland. As we had sold our caravan, and also resold the freshly bought camper (which didn’t have enough storage space), we were once again ‘downgraded’ to tents. It proved to be a serious mission to get the kids to bed, but the days were filled with laughter, hanging out at the playgrounds and pool, doing bicycle trips and having great meals. Marlies, highly pregnant, stayed home, but for the rest the whole Suntrek gang was present. See some of the key moments here.


First Camper Weekend

After looking for quite a while, we decided on buying a second-hand camper. Of course, a first trip needed to be done to see how the car behaved and if we could do a longer trip in this mobilhome. We decided to go for a few days relaxation in Zeeland, Holland, where a beautiful campsite was situated in Biggekerke. We had great times walking around, bicycling and getting to know everything about our new RollerTeam mode of transport. See exactly what happened!


Visiting Duisburg

Our good habits were maintained as we visited our awesome friends Meike and Skip in the Duisburg area to have a relaxing weekend. Doing activities with the kids during daytime, playing pool and boardgames accompanied with alcohol and great food in the evenings always proves to be a recipe for success, laughters and fun! Check it out here!

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